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Ownership Report Form

Dividends and Return of Capital

Headquarters Office:
3000 Sand Hill Road
Building 2 Suite 120
Menlo Park, CA 94025
  Investor Relations:
Jennifer Taylor
(650) 233-7140
Phone / Fax
(650) 233-7140
(650) 854-4767 Fax
BDO Seidman
One Market
Spear Tower
Suite 1100
San Francisco, CA 94105
Legal Counsel:
Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman LLP
100 Galleria Parkway
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339

Senior Management:
Allen K. Meredith
Chairman & CEO

Charles P. Wingard
Vice President & CFO

Board of Directors:
Allen K. Meredith
Kim N. Meredith
John H. Redmond


Transfer Agent:
Mellon Investor Services
525 Market Street
Suite 3500
San Francisco, CA 94125
Phone - (415) 951-4186