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Financial Statements

Ownership Report Form

Dividends and Return of Capital

We are constantly reassessing and updating our business strategy to help direct you to our acquisition preferences.

  • What kind of projects? Existing industrial, R&D and retail nationwide.
  • Where are our market preferences? Northern and Southern California metropolitan markets and Southeast.
  • Considerations for industrial properties? Easy access to freeways, uncongested truck staging off-street parking, ample interior clear height, numerous dock doors.
  • Considerations for suburban office? Designed for tenants with varying sizes, attractive public areas, ample on-site parking, extensive glass, and timelessness.
  • In what price ranges? $3MM - $15 MM.
  • Any minimum returns (cash-on-cash and IRR)? 9% initial cap rate and 15% - 20% IRR in 4 years.
  • Any portfolios? Public / private companies with assets.

Our objective is to acquire several properties and one portfolio of assets. Thanks in advance for your help.